Equity and inclusion are values that are central to the Emily K Center and the work we do. Our staff and board members are committed to this being an organization in which racial equity is a demonstrated belief and practice.

June 1, 2020 Statement on Racial Equity

The Emily Krzyzewski Center has been grounded in values like opportunity and inclusiveness since its founding in 2006. We have always viewed education as a tool that all students can use to create their futures.

Yet, as we have been tragically reminded, neither education nor anything else serves to guarantee the basic human rights of Black lives in our country.

Systemic racism is historical, pervasive, and hurtful. It affects not only the day-to-day experience of our students, but also that of members of our staff and Board. Helping students attain their college goals remains a worthy purpose; but understanding, questioning, and pushing back against the systems that serve as barriers goes hand in hand with that mission.

We condemn racism and discrimination in all its forms.

We have and will continue to think critically about racial equity in the context of our work and are committed to pursuing change within and outside of our organization. At a time when we must be strong and just, we are determined to be both.

Adam Eigenrauch
Executive Director