Succeeding in high school and being ready for college requires more than solid academic skills and good intentions. Low income students who enter high school with strong academic records still attend college at remarkably low rates. For that reason, the Scholars to College program intends to reverse those odds by helping to ensure that these young people evolve into exceptional students and leaders who are strong college candidates.

Scholars to College: 9th through 12th grade

Once students graduate from the Pioneer Scholars program, they enter the Scholars to College program and continue to focus on maintaining strong academics, setting high expectations, and preparing for college. This program, however, is designed to be more flexible and accommodate high school students' varied schedules and increasing involvement in their particular areas of academic interest and extracurricular activities.

Students are guided and supported in the areas of academics, leadership, career exploration, financial literacy, and SAT preparation, building towards an absolute focus on the college application process. In addition, parent empowerment sessions are held for families of the Emily K Center students so that they are well prepared to support their students. Ultimately, Scholars to College students will have achieved both inside and outside of school, putting them in a strong position to gain admission, and attend, a college or university that is the right fit for them.

We are confident that our students will be successful in college, not only because they will be well-prepared, but also because they will continue to have the support of the Emily K Center. Throughout their college experience, our Scholars on Campus students will maintain a relationship with the Center and in doing so, we ensure that our Scholars take full advantage of all opportunities and support available to them at their various colleges and universities.


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