Introducing Next Steps Teacher Fellows

December 8, 2023

The Emily K Center is proud to announce the selection of its inaugural Next Steps Teacher Fellows: Cheri Fennell (Durham School of Technology), Tyreisha Jeffery (Northern High School), Jessica Odom (Jordan High School), Allison Swaim (Riverside High School), Richelieu Tah (City of Medicine Academy), and Melissa Teets (City of Medicine Academy).

Pictured left to right (Richelieu, Melissa, Jessica, Allison, Tyreisha, Cheri)

These six Durham Public Schools (DPS) teachers have begun their collaborative work with one another, the Center, and their school communities to create a blueprint for how DPS high schools can create a whole-school approach to postsecondary access. The fellowship will last nine months, providing the opportunity to map current practices, envision a sustainable culture of postsecondary success for all students, and make recommendations to schools and other stakeholders. 

Emily K Center leadership is hopeful that this stellar group of DPS teachers will help create scalable solutions to move the needle for our students and make postsecondary access achievable.