Staff Member Promotions

August 31, 2022

The Emily Krzyzewski Center is pleased to announce the promotion of two key members of its leadership team. Adam Eigenrauch, formerly the organization’s executive director, was appointed chief executive officer. Dr. Valerie Anderson, who served as chief program officer for the Center, was promoted to the newly created role of chief impact officer.

Mike Krzyzewski, founder and board chair of the Emily K Center shared, “The Emily Krzyzewski Center has experienced incredible growth over the past several years, and the promotion of Adam and Valerie represents an important investment in our leadership as we continue to scale and plan strategically for our future. We are very fortunate to have these impressive leaders on our Emily K Center team.”

Eigenrauch joined the Emily K Center in a program development role as the organization first opened in 2006. In 2010, he moved into the role of executive director and oversaw the tremendous growth of the Center’s programming. The Center opened with one program serving 38 students and has grown into a vibrant, community-centric organization with four programs serving thousands of students and community members. In Eigenrauch’s new role as CEO, he will work strategically with the Center’s staff and board members to provide targeted leadership that aligns with the needs of an organization on a continued growth trajectory.

Dr. Anderson came to the Emily K Center in 2017 as chief program officer and was a key driver in the growth of the Center’s Game Plan: College program and the organization’s renewed focus on racial equity and its impact on education. In her new role as chief impact officer, Dr. Anderson will guide many of the Center’s key strategic priorities and lead the implementation of those commitments, ensuring that the Center is working toward its organizational mission and in partnership with the community.