Scholars on Campus

Scholars on Campus ensures that students successfully transition to higher education by supporting their academic and campus engagement, career planning, and financial responsibility.

Program Description

Scholars on Campus serves students in the first and second years of college. As students build towards making career choices and transitioning to work, they are offered proactive and timely guidance, support, and encouragement. Scholars on Campus students are in regular communication with Center staff; thoughtfully using technology to maintain a strong tie to the Center. In addition, parent empowerment sessions are held for families so that they are well prepared to support their students. 

First year students participate in a planning retreat the summer before college and host an Emily K staff member to their campus for a visit in the fall. During winter break, all Scholars on Campus students gather to pool knowledge and discoveries, share insights, and celebrate their successes with their peers and younger students at the Emily K Center. No matter where they pursue their higher education goals, Scholars on Campus students will maintain a relationship with the Center to help ensure their success.

Eligibility & Selection Process

The Scholars on Campus program is open to Scholars to College program graduates only. Interested students complete an internal application in the spring of their senior year. 

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