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The Emily K Center Announces new Game Plan: College Program

You've helped us to grow into something really good over our first ten years. Hundreds of students have taken steps towards higher education in our K to College programs, and our enrollment this fall will be our largest ever at nearly 240 students. We’re proud of this progress, but the Emily K Center can do more. 

The road to higher education isn’t an easy one, and as you know, students from low-income families face even greater challenges in achieving their educational goals. We know we can help more of these students -- doing so is critical. This fall, we will be launching a brand new program, Game Plan: CollegeWithout the right resources, only one in five low-income students in North Carolina will enroll in college. Our community’s high school guidance counselors work tirelessly, but with caseloads of 350 or more students there are simply not enough hours in a day. Durham students are asking for help. With the introduction of the Game Plan: College program, we’re proud to become an even bigger part of the answer. 

When Game Plan: College begins this September, the Center will become a college information hub for students throughout Durham. By offering individualized advising sessions and informational workshops to any student who needs the support, we will equip hundreds more young people with a “game plan” they can use to make educated choices about college. The workshops will focus on topics like college options, financial aid, and essay writing. Individualized advising sessions will be led by staff and our own K to College students who will serve as Teen Advisors. As you can see in the video below, they are anxious to start recruiting and working with their peers.


Kids deserve more, and our community needs more. If you'd like to be one of the first to support Game Plan: College, click here to make a gift today.  Beyond that, reach out this summer and tell us how we can partner together or leverage your help.  The Emily K Center succeeds because a community of supporters and partners like you makes it possible. Thank you.


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