In 2006 we began serving our students in the K to College Model, an educational vehicle of sequential out-of-school programs. The core programs; Pioneer Scholars (1st through 8th grade), Scholars to College (9th through 12th grade), and Scholars on Campus (college-aged), have been designed to ensure that academically-focused, low-income students excel in school, gain access to college, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty in their families.


Pioneer Scholars: 1st through 8th grade

The Pioneer Scholars program serves students throughout their elementary and middle school years, preparing them for success in a college preparatory course of study once they reach high school. Different than most traditional out-of-school programs, Pioneer Scholars is unique in its intensity, duration, expectations, and results.

When students enroll in the program they are individually assessed to ensure that we create an academic curriculum that best meets their strengths and needs and enables them to achieve their goals. They participate in highly-structured tutoring each and every day of the academic school year to develop and accelerate their skills. The instruction is delivered by decidedly qualified teachers and well-supported volunteers in an environment that demands high performance and commitment. Additional growth opportunities, such as career exploration events, technology skills instruction, and a math and science mentoring program, provide our students with even broader skills and experiences. 

Students continue to sharpen their skills during the summer through an academic bridge program and other activities, including theatre and basketball camps. After a short break, students resume another year in the Pioneer Scholars program as the new school calendar begins, or ‘graduate’ to the Scholars to College program while they attend high school.

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